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03-10-13 - SCPLS gets new website and needs input to improve upon it. please send your comments.
05-21-13 - SCPLS held a members meeting on Colorado Right of Entry for Land surveyors, firearms training, gun laws and why PLSC membership is a great thing for surveyors. Tim Priebe Esq. opened by presenting on C.R.S. 18-4-515, Entry to Survey Property and gun laws that are to go into effect in July. He encouraged us to read his blog legal-tactic.com. Then, Paul Paradis opened a discussion over a common sense approach to firearms and asked that we become more involved by joining the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition (PPFC). And last, Todd Beers then covered all of the reasons that PLSC membership is worth the price of admission.
04-29-13 - Trespass Rights of the Surveyor article published in The American Surveyor, November 31, 2005
05-11-13 - Joint the PLSC on May 11th at Utah Park in Aurora for the 2013 CSRN GPS Day!
                 GPS day Flyer
08-10-13 - SCPLS 25th Annual Paul Grout Memorial Golf Outing at The Hollydot Golf Course, 55 North Parkway Drive, Colorado City, CO 81019 -- Sign up today!
ALTA Surveys in Pueblo recently had some surveying equipment stolen:
1 Pacific Crest Radio with antenna assembly, 1 Pentax V2 Total Station, 1 Prism Pole and some Leica chargers. If seen, please call Dan Boyd at (719) 542-9169 or (719) 582-7625
11-5-13 -  Mark Johannes and Steve Parker represented the southern chapter at the Colorado Springs School District 11 Career Day that was held at the Freedom Financial Services Expo Center, and they received enough positive feedback to plan to attend again in 2014.
12-13-13 -  During the PLSC Christmas Party, Nathan Lira was presented with a plaque appointing him Honorary Director in appreciation of his dedicated time and support of the chapter.

1-7-14 -  Job Opportunity: Call Grant McDorman for a survey project management position in California on gas pipelines: 805-489-9900, grant@dormanpsi.com, http://www.dormanpsi.com.
1-14-14 -  Sign up for the RMSS chain throwing contest, and  win not only bragging rights but an impressive PLSC Chain Trowing Champion plaque.
2-28-14 -  The RMSS had over 200 participants, the venders hall was full, the food was great, and the speaker were some of the best. SCPLS sponsored Dr. Elgin, who received great reviews.
3-18-14- Jason Emery, Boulder County Surveyor and founder of Boulder Land Consultants, Inc. presented 4 examples of riparian rights as pertaining to land surveying to 21 members of SCPLS.

4-22-14 -The 2014 PLSC CFedS Scholarship recipient from SCPLS is Steven Parker PLS CFM, in response, Mr. Parker expressed his greatest appreciation and thanks.
5-20-14 - During the SCPLS May members meeting Robert Pisciotta PLS presented on the new City of Colorado Springs 5x5 block corner records system. (see reference page)
6-26-14 - Spencer Barron was appointed by the board of directors to serve as director (2014-2015) in the place of John Sakariason who resigned to relocate to New Mexico.
8-09-14 - The 26the Annual Paul Grout Memorial Golf Outing was held on a flawless day at the Holydot Golf Course where Dan Hantens team took 1st place, and Greg Jones shot the best drive.

8-19-14 - Paul Lukacovic, 32yrs BLM Surveyor, presented on his once in a lifetime adventure, hiking 2650 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. Entertaining & inspiring, it was a first-hand photo-graphic tour of the Sierras and the Cascades. Members were full of good questions, thanks Paul

9-16-14 - SCPLS donated $500 to the Miramont Castle - Sawyer & Garstin Map Collection
10-21-14 - SCPLS hosted Don Whitmore, Senior Commercial Title Officer, Land Title Guarantee Company who presented on finding the vesting deed(s), elements of a title commitment, and common mistakes when writing legal descriptions. Don is a well known, and dynamic speaker, and a larger than usual group of surveyors gathered and received answers to their questions. Bird Dog BBQ was served, and members picked up their copies of the 2014 Revised Statutes.

10-28-14 - SCPLS awarded Andrew Kotwica, a student at PPCC the 2014 Academic Scholarship in the amount of $500, Congratulations!!!
11-4-14 - SCPLS spent the day with Colorado Springs District 11 students during 'career day', meeting with future geospatial professionals and demonstrating how cool a career in land surveying can be.
12-12-2014 - SCPLS Christmas Party was celibrated at DJs steak house. Twenty one land surveyors and their wifes dined on incredible cuts of steaks, and held a white elephant 
1-20-2015 - SCPLS Board of Directors seated their 2015 officers and directors, which just happens to be the same as the last year. The board planned out the full year of events, including bringing back the fall technical meetings to be held in Pueblo.
2-17-2015 - SCPLS meeting was held at the BLM Royal Gorge District Office in Cañon City.
There were two presenters: 1. Dave Ginther spoke on what it takes to get a "typical" federal authority land survey completed, and 2. Bryan BarkerLeica Geosystems discussed the latest news on sUAS tech and the latest FAA proposal for commercial use of sUAS for mapping.
2-17-2015 - the 5th Annual Rocky Mountain Surveyors Summit was a complete success, more than 200 surveyors and vendors collected to make the summit meeting one of the best to date.
3-15-2015 - It's National Surveyors Week, tell all your colleagues, have an office party, spread the word throughout all the disciplines, throughout the industries how awesome surveying is....
4-21-2015 - SCPLS April Members Meeting: Guest Speakers included Greg Wolff, of Fidelity National Title Group, he shared new language on the policies that favor surveyors and discussed common issues surveyors encounter when working with title commitments. The meeting was opened by Craig McCoy of GeoShack showcasing their latest Hyper-SR and affordable robotic solutions.
6-16-2015 - June Members Meeting: Presenter Joe Alessi reviewed the rich history and priceless historic value of the Sawyer & Garstin Collection over a delicious dinner meal at the Miramont Castle Museum in Manitou Springs. The castles at capacity dining room enjoyed the company of professionals from title companies, a title document plant, surveying & engineering firms and public and private surveyors before retiring to an impressive display of original antique documents in the collections' map room. The Southern Chapter pays a special thanks to the Manitou Springs Historical Society for a memorable evening.
8-8-2015 - The 27th Annual Paul Grout Golf Outing and Barbecue was a complete success. Vendors: Richard Chuapoco of Diversified Underground, and Craig McCoy of GeoShack supported the tournament by not only sponsoring a hole, but greeting all the teams on the course. The Region 2 CDOT/Farnsworth Group team took the 1st place prize this year. A special thanks to Dan Hanten and company for chairing the 2015 tournament committee, and as usual, thank you to Classic Catering for the incredible pulled pork sandwiches.
9-15-2015 - The southern chapter hosted Frontier Precision for the demonstration of new oblique close range/terrestrial photogrammetry software for surveyors, and our small group dined on Bird Dog BBQ.
9-19-2015 - Southern Capter together with the PLSC set up an activity station at the 50th Annual Denver Area Councel Boy Scouts Camporee. There were over 2600 campers at the event and the PLSs trained at least 250 would-be surveyors in the art of leveling, RTK and robots.
12-11-2015 - The 2015 annual Christmas Party and white elephant gift exchange was the perfect way to end our year. With a few new faces that in previous years, twentynine folkes dined on mostly filet mignon and sniped Christmas presents from eachother. The hottest gifts were a pare of ornimental lanters, bird dog honey wiskey, and Pam went home with a decorative shrubbery.

1-19-2016 - The 2016 Southern Chapter annual meeting was a great success, the board of directors planned out the year, and seated the new directors and officers. A special welcome to Steve Rutzen our newest director, and congratulations to the new officers. Check out the Southern Chapter 2016 board of directors on our The Board webpage. Happy New Year!!!
2-16-2016 - Following an informative presentation from GeoShack, Brian Dennis gave an excellent presentation on the 2016 ALTA/NSPS Standards of Survey. The discussion covered the benefits of the new standards with regards to the surveyor, and the changes to the way the ALTA surveys are completed. Many great questions asked and answered, thank you Brian.
3-4-2016 - The Rocky Mountain Surveyors Summit was a complete success! The Southern Chapter sponsored the technical track this year, and we were blessed with the likes of Jan Van Sickle, Pam Fromhertz, Gaby Neunzert, and Warren Geissler. American Surveyor Magazine donated an 1862 Map of Colorado, which we framed and gave away together with a Leica Bluetooth Disto. More than 50 surveyors competed in the pacing and distance estimation contest. With Dennis Mouland, our key-note, and Tony Cavell, NSPS President elect as our guest speaker, I'd say this was the best conference yet.
6-21-2016 – Our Chapter President, Don Hulsey of Lawrence Construction, gave an Aerial Optic, LLC, drone mapping demonstration. Over a meal of Bird Dog BBQ brisket, he walked the members through the work flow of a typical project. From planning, to processing, to delivery, he showed us the advantages and pitfalls of this new technology. Then we took the meeting outside for a flight demo. Impressive!
8-13-2016 – The 28th Annual Chapter Golf Tournament was a complete success, and we expect to make the event bigger and better next year; if you missed it, we'll see you all then...
9-20-2016 – The September members meeting: awasome barbque! three great impromptu presenters, including Brian Dennis planning the Boy Scouts of American Land Survey.
9-26-2016 - Galloway has the following survey tech career oppertunity click here
12-9-2016 - The capter Christmas Party was outstanding this year, great group and awasome white elephant gift exchange, see you next year, same venue...
1-17-2017 - The Southern Chapter annual meeting hosted Paul Bacus, PLS, Legislative Committee Chair, reminding us to call our state reps to support the county surveyor bill.
2-17-2017 - the 5th Annual Rocky Mountain Surveyors Summit was a complete success, more than 230 surveyors and vendors collected to make the summit meeting one of the best to date.
6-20-2017 - The Southern Chapter is very proud to have presented an academic scholarship to Sean Maik. Graduating top of his class in Ja Junta, Sean is pursuing his bachelor's of science in civil engineering degree from CSU - Pueblo, and he plans to earn his Cadastral Surveying Certificate, and eventually a PLS license while he continues to work at the Pueblo County Engineering Department.